The Chronicles of Oggle by Peter Gowen



 “…and  poor Walter Rally: got his head chopped off.

Okay, he did bring  the lung cancer and the famine to Ireland, 

but he didn’t know that at the time, and he didn’t mean to.

 He was only trying to impress the queer wan over in London…”


Meet Pakie. An orphan, a storyteller, an adventurer, a survivor. He may not be the sharpest sandwich in the tool box, but Pakie knows a thing or two about the history of his native town – from the vicious Vikings, to the less-than Christian Brothers.

Pakie’s a laugh a minute…

but Pakie’s got secrets.

Secrets the God fearing people of Oggle may not be ready to hear.

Written and performed by Peter Gowen (Charlie, Love/Hate, The Butcher Boy) and directed by Donal Gallagher (Love, Peace & Robbery),  The Chronicles of Oggle is a hilarious and spellbinding story of small towns and small minds.

Oggle was first produced in spring 2013 with the kind support of The Everyman Theatre, Cork and Cork City Council Arts Office, and toured to regionally in County Cork with the support of Cork County Council Arts Office.