Theatre and Architecture

‘…the town seemed to elevate itself, sleek, glittering roof upon roof in a beauty of black and pewter-grey shoulders with an occasional fleshy side of pink brick, all rising and converging on the steeple of the Big Chapel on the heights.’

In The Big Chapel, the buildings and streets of ‘Kyle’ are personified by Thomas Kilroy; they shape and impact the lives of the characters in the novel as if they were characters of the novel themselves.  

How does the architecture that surrounds us impact on our everyday lives? How does it shape our past, present and future? 

Callan is on the cusp of shifts and changes as a pilot town of Project Ireland 2040. Asylum Productions have invited both Studio Weave and the students of UCD School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy to consider these questions and more as we engage the people of the town in this large-scale, inclusive project.

Internationally renowned architects, Studio Weave have been researching, engaging and creating projects in Callan for the past seven years – you can read more about their work HERE.