Overseas School Project

fluke pic 1 fluke pic 2 fluke poster Developed in collaboration with German writer/director Armin Beber. Every year Asylum conducts four week-long theatre workshops at the Helene-Lange School in Wiesbaden, Germany. The schools radical, progressive approach includes a heavy emphasis on the innovative use of theatre in the classroom.

As a result of the success of this programme, Asylum have been invited to conduct similar projects in a number of other schools across Germany. Since the projects inception in 2001, we have been sourcing top quality theatre professionals to co-facilitate these workshops – and creating unique opportunities for working theatre artists to collaborate and work in an international context. To date, over thirty facilitators have worked on the programme.

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This 25 minute short film made with the students of Helene-Lange Schule has already won numerous awards including the prestigious (Children To The Olymp Award 2006), and has been screened at international film festivals from New York to Belgrade

Director: Martin Levis
Producer: Armin Beber
Cast and Crew: Students of Helene Lange Schule

Co-produced with Helene-Lange Schule, CUT Entertainment, and ‘The Other Guy’.

Room  101
In 2007, Asylum were invited to work with students of the
 prestigous Freie Waldorfschule, Stuttgart, Germany. The
resulting play ‘Room 101’, devised by the students and scripted by Asylum, has since been produced by a number of different schools in Germany.

Facilitator/Dramaturg: Medb Lambert
Writers/Directors: Marcus Bale & Donal Gallagher
Project Co-Ordinator: Armin Beber

Co-produced with Freie Waldorfschule, Stuttgart, Germany.