Red Lola by Bale / Gallagher / Lambert (2009)

 curious, and intriguing,…  drenched with humour that verges from the deeply dark to the ridiculous… relentlessly challenges your perceptions…. a fantastical comic journey…. hugely alluring, highly malevolent, playfully bold and constantly probing.                   Oh! Francis Magazine
“… a fantastic theatrical adventure… thanks to some improbable physical contortions, clever choreography and the courage to think the scheme through, it works brilliantly… a short, sharp, rare novelty”
The Sunday Times
“A body-bending exploration of the world of sexuality…” Evening Echo

 …if you go down in the woods today…

Red Lola just left grandma’s house and strayed right off the path.
Red Lola’s not a little girl anymore.
Red Lola lives in a land where pre-teenage girls wear Playboy tee-shirts, and every male is a potential predator, where premature sexuality and the fear of ‘stranger danger’ collide.

Red Lola is a surreal and darkly comic journey into the realm of the subconscious, fusing elements of puppetry, physical, and object theatre – part fairy tale, part morality play, Red Lola is a story of seduction, power, puberty, love, lust and lollipops.