Bridge Street Will Be


On Bridge Street, Time is standing still.
But the clock is ticking and the future is coming…
As the politics of time itself is debated, all the
doorways of the past open up.
You are the hero in the quest to save Bridge Street.
A unique, choose-your-own-adventure, theatrical experience
where the audience decide what the future of Bridge Street will be…
Tue 30th June to Sat 4th July @ 7:30 pm
Begins at KCAT car-park.
Tickets: €10 Bookings: (000) 0000000
(This is a promenade performance – indoor and outdoor.
Please dress for the weather on the day).
Bridge Street Will Be is part of the Abhainn Rí Festival 2015.
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The House That Jack Built

This is the house that Jack built.


This is the job that Jack lost.

This is the cow that Jack sold.

This is the seed that Jack sowed.

This is the debt that Jack owed.

Who is the Giant?

And where is the house that Jack built?



Jack Built 7


Currently a work in progress, Jack examines the basic stupidity of a global system based on the unsustainable foundation of human greed.

It’s about the corruption of power, the frailty of Man, and all the Important things our grannies warned us about with fireside fairy-tales and morality fables.



Coming Soon…

Asylum are delighted to announce thatPakieOggle1

 The Chronicles of Oggle

by Peter Gowen

will be touring nationally in spring 2015,

to coincide with the publication of the play script by Methuen. Tour dates here.

Please contact Donal Gallagher for more details.

email: donalsg(at)